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Урок для начинающих бижутерия своими руками. Полимерная глина уроки, мастер-класс 12

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  • Two similar colors of clay for the Rosebud
  • Complimentary darker color clay and white clay
  • Dark colored clay for sepals (leaves at base of rosebud)
  • Translucent clay
  • Pasta Machine
  • Cutting Blade
  • Skewer (optional)

Step 1: Choose two colors (I'm using orange and orange mixed with red), roll them out and set them up for a Skinner Blend. Add a strip of white and a strip of the darker color to the sides as shown to enhance the effect of the blend.

Step 2: Make A Skinner Blend.
(see Leigh's lesson for any assist)

Step 3: Roll the sheet - lighter color to the light one and darker color to the dark one.

Step 4: The finished roll will look like this.

Step 5: Reduce the roll.

Step 6: Square up the reduced roll to a cube shape.

Step 7: Turn the cube's light end to face you and now roll the cube into a cylinder (the light and dark ends will now become the sides of the roll). Every slice will now have variable colors from light to dark.

Step 8: Wrap a layer of the darker of the two main colors around the roll.

Step 9: Mark four equal parts on the roll and cut one off.

Step 10: Lengthen the remaining piece a little and cut it into five equal parts. You will now have six rolls as shown.

Step 11: The finished construction of the flower is shown in this illustration. this should help you to place the pieces together.

Step 12: Flatten one of the smaller rolls into a lengthy slice (like a very narrow slice of cake - one end thicker than the other). From now on maintain the light side and the dark side when you build the pieces.

Step 13:Roll the slice into a spiral with the narrow end to the inside.

Step 14: Flatten the spiral a little. It will be the heart of the bud.

Step 15: You are left with 4 equal size rolls and one larger roll, marked with an arrow. Compress the large roll to the same height as the smaller rolls. It will have a larger diameter than the others.

Step 16: Shape the larger piece into a teardrop shape.

Step 17: Attach the narrow side of the teardrop to the squeezed spiral.

Step 18: Shape one of the smaller rolls into a triangle shape.

Step 19: Insert the triangle into the construction as show.

Step 20: Shape another small piece into a crescent shape as shown.

Step 21: Add this to the left side of the spiral and triangle.

Step 22: Shape another small piece as shown.

Step 23: Put this piece on top of the spiral and push the narrow edge between the spiral and the top of the teardrop.

Step 24: Shape the last roll as shown. You can indent the ends with the skewer if desired.

Step 25: Attach this piece to the right of the teardrop as shown. This is the end of the rosebud construction. Now we add the sepals.

Step 26: Make a roll of the dark colored clay you selected for the sepals.

Step 27: Pinch the roll into a narrow triangle shape.

Step 28: Cut 3 or 4 pieces from the triangle.

Step 29: Attach the pieces to the bottom of the bud as shown.

Step 30: Use translucent clay to pack around the rosebud forming a circle, and finish with a thin sheet of translucent wrapped around the cane.

Now compress and reduce your cane, and you are done! Good Luck!

by Tami Shvat
© 2006 Text and Photos

Источник: http://www.polymerclaycentral.com/rosebud_cane.html

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